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LegaciesDiscussing personal matters is never easy and the Trustees deliberated long and hard about whether or not to raise this matter. However, as we know that you support Medi Tech Trust and we do not employ a professional fund raiser, hopefully you will understand why we feel it embarrassingly prudent to mention this subject.

As Trustees, part of our role is to plan ahead for the future – the Charity’s future – and we do this by endeavouring to forecast what income we can reasonably expect from gifts left to Medi Tech Trust in the wills of our supporters.

One of our strengths as a small charity is that we are able to monitor the beneficial effects produced as a direct result of donating medical equipment.   The advantages gained by both patients and surgeons alike as a direct result of your support spur the Trustees and you onwards to the next target.   There are so many demands made on the limited amount of funds that, with your help, the Trust is able to raise and there is little likelihood that these requests will diminish during your or your family’s lifetime.

Realistically, the difficult part is to be there to help when you want to but cannot.   Without seeming macabre, could we ask you to think about remembering Medi Tech Trust in your Will. We apologise if this appears to be blunt, but we hope you can appreciate the importance of this request. Every donation, whatever the amount, which is left to the Trust in Wills, provides a vital and invaluable contribution to the Charity’s future success by continuing the work that you have helped to firmly establish.

Naturally, your first priority must be to remember your family and friends, just as the Trustees will remember their own. We also understand that everyone has a number of preferred charities and that it is difficult to provide for as many as you would wish. Should you need more information, please contact any of the Trustees in absolute confidence as you can be confident that your privacy will always be respected.

Hopefully, Medi Tech Trust is worthy of your support – we know we value yours.


Our thanks in advance


Graham Watson
Trustee – Chairman
Bob Lewis
Trustee – Secretary
Jonathan Payne
Trustee – Treasurer
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