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About Us

Medi Tech Trust is a registered charity dedicated to the provision of medical equipment to hospitals and medical centres. We also arrange courses to ensure that qualified medical staff are fully trained to operate the equipment we provide. In addition, the charity focuses on advancing the education of the community in health care.

Medi Tech Trust was formed in 2002, by Robert Lewis, with the initial aim of raising funds through donations to purchase a Holmium Laser machine for use at the Eastbourne District General Hospital.

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When Robert Lewis decided to form this charity in 2002, he invited Consultant Urologist Mr. Graham Watson, MB, BChir, FRCS, MD, FRCS (Urol), to become the Chairman and John Evans to act as the Treasurer, while he filled the role of Secretary. These posts were and still remain honorary unpaid voluntary offices.

It was agreed that only persons holding one of these three offices should be the Trustees, who together with their band of regular supporters, would put their wide range of commercial and medical knowledge to good use for the long term benefit of the charity.

When John Evans resigned after moving to Wales, Jonathan Payne readily agreed to assume the office of Treasurer. Should you wish to contact any of the Trustees, just click on their names.

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Our Aims

Medi Tech Trust currently has three main objectives that are aimed at the relief of sickness and the preservation and protection of public health for the public benefit.

1) The provision of, and assistance in the provision of, medical equipment for use in hospitals and other community medical establishments;
(2) The provision of, and assistance in the provision of, training courses dedicated to enabling qualified medical staff to operate medical equipment already provided, or to be provided; and
(3) The provision of lectures, fora and newsletters devoted to advancing the education of the community in health care.

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Healthcare Information
Medi Tech Trust hopes that the information provided helps to advance the community’s knowledge in healthcare education. The charity is indebted to the authors and organisations who initially researched these facts.

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