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In order to achieve their objectives, the Trustees always endeavour to purchase specialist medical equipment that will: a) speed up diagnosis and operative procedures b) reduce the degree of invasive surgery c) minimise patient discomfort d) shorten the duration of rehabilitation e) provide advanced equipment to developing countries Since its formation, Medi Tech Trust has donated various items of advanced…

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Since 2009, Graham Watson, the charity’s Chairman, has been travelling to Sri Lanka to teach surgeons modern stone surgery. Instead of using a scalpel to remove stones from the kidneys and ureter he has been teaching them how to use endoscopes (telescopes used inside the body) to visualise the stones and then break the stones up and remove them in…

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After months of organisation, the Trustees agreed that their Chairman should travel to Gambia in May 2014 to meet their Health Department staff and hospital surgeons in order to assess what assistance Medi Tech Trust may be able to offer. They discussed a proposal to supply equipment and training. In return he asked for a person to be nominated who…

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    Following his visit to Gambia in May 2014, Graham Watson travelled to neighbouring Senegal to evaluate whether Medi Tech Trust would be able to be of assistance. He learned that many people suffered from kidney stone problems and that those who were fortunate to be operated upon, did not experience the more modern PCNL techniques. After training some…

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What Next?

Despite its limited means, should you, as a supporter, have a project which you feel may be of interest to the Trust then let us know and the Trustees will be pleased to give it their consideration.

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One visit made - report follows Another visit planned for June 2015

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Making a Difference Medi Tech Trust, which has already donated medical equipment worth over £½ million, has been awarded a grant of nearly £10,000 lottery funding to launch a project called Advancing Healthcare Education in the Community. Building on the diligent efforts of Eastbourne’s GPs and community staff, MTT hopes to make a positive difference to the local community’s healthcare…

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Medi Tech Trust hopes that the information provided helps to advance the community’s knowledge in healthcare education. The charity is indebted to the authors and organisations who initially researched these facts.

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