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Medi Tech Trust currently has three main objectives that are aimed at the relief of sickness and the preservation and protection of public health for the public benefit.

1) The provision of, and assistance in the provision of, medical equipment for use in hospitals and other community medical establishments;

The Trustees endeavour to raise monies to purchase specialist medical equipment that will:

a) Speed up diagnosis and operative procedures
b) Reduce the degree of invasive surgery
c) Minimise patient discomfort
d) Shorten the duration of rehabilitation


Medi Tech Trust buys advanced medical equipment with the donations it receives then makes this equipment freely available to surgeons at recognised medical establishments.   Whenever funds permit and needs dictate, the charity purchases other medical equipment.   Not only does this ensure that patients receive a reduction in the waiting time for their operation, they experience a reduction in the discomfort and time it takes to recover. Non-invasive or keyhole surgery is significantly lower than that experienced when general surgery is practiced. Another factor appreciated by medical staff is that of substantial savings in equipment hire fees.

(2) The provision of, and assistance in the provision of, training courses dedicated to enabling qualified medical staff to operate medical equipment already provided, or to be provided;

An integral part when purchasing and donating equipment is the arrangement made with the manufacturer or supplier to provide initial training when installing the equipment.   Having monitored the usage of various items of advanced medical equipment provided, the Trustees realised that in some cases, the equipment was not being used as frequently as had originally been planned, mainly due to the lack of trained staff to operate these items.

Medi Tech Trust felt that the opportunity for medical staff to attend specific training courses was either sadly lacking or too expensive for them to attend. This resulted in the launch of an intensive hands-on training course for doctors and surgeons involved in the field of kidney stones known as The Stonebuster Initiative. These courses are held in Sri Lanka.

(3) The provision of lectures, fora and newsletters devoted to advancing the education of the community in health care.

Although information relevant to the fields of medicine in which the charity is involved has been displayed on our website for several years, the Trustees believe that Medi Tech Trust can provide much more guidance linked with differing methods of communication to help advance the community’s knowledge in healthcare education.


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Medi Tech Trust hopes that the information provided helps to advance the community’s knowledge in healthcare education. The charity is indebted to the authors and organisations who initially researched these facts.

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