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Cancer cells are abnormal cells that develop due to errors in the way normal cells in the body have reproduced. Once formed, they become aggressive and start to spread to the surrounding tissues and often to other parts of the body.  Despite the developments into the causes of certain types of cancer, it is an established fact that during their lifetime:


1 in 3 people [33%] in Great Britain

will need medical treatment to their ‘nether’ region.


  • Men are prone to having an enlarged prostate and the threat of Prostate Cancer that this could cause.
  • Women also suffer from Cervical Cancer.
  • Both sexes are known to suffer from tumours of the Bowel and Bladder.

Although there are many other types of cancer, Medi Tech Trust has concentrated on providing medical equipment for these four diseases. For more information on each of them, please read the appropriate article below.



The primary source for some of the content of these articles, which were written some years ago, was Cancer Research UK. To read their latest detailed research findings, we strongly recommend that you access their web site page – just click on the link below.

then click on the specific type of cancer that is of concern to you.

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Medi Tech Trust hopes that the information provided helps to advance the community’s knowledge in healthcare education. The charity is indebted to the authors and organisations who initially researched these facts.

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